Let's get to know her

Hello! My name is Courtney. Hair and makeup has been my calling since I was a little girl. I have been playing with makeup since I could get into my mothers stash when I was a toddler.


I have been doing hair and makeup for over 12 years. It's art to me. I'm married and live in Coventry RI. I am a mom to three beautiful girls! I have an almost five year old and my identical girls just turned one. I am a licensed Master Esthetician. I went to school thinking I was going to do facials but absolutely fell in love with the makeup world. Everyones face shape and expectations are so different and I love taking the one on one time to get to know you.


My wedding day was important to me and I know how important it is to you. I'm just a New England raised girl with the passion and dedication to this beauty industry that it takes to succeed. I would love for my team and I to join you on this journey!